1. Audio Out

  2. Oooooh yea

    Oooooh yea

  3. Play Windows 95!


    New game!!

    Use:  A and D to move left and right

    Let me know if it works this time

    OSX Version

    Windows Version

  4. #beersynth #prototype 

  5. My first unity game!!!!

    Play it!


    download Our Glorious Leader:

    note: ok so apparently the windows version doesn’t work right now.

    note note: use arrow keys

    note note note: game probably doesn’t work. But I like kim.app even if it doesn’t work. 

  6. web presence = procrastination

    Working on my web presence is the new procrastination method. In other news I updated my cargo collective, which is pretty much useless since my website is better in almost every way. 

    check it out though cargocollective.com/bradenleague

  7. Kingfisher, by Prawn →

    Yo shout out to Ryan McKenna, killer album! 

  8. Atari Punk Console workshop

    A month ago I led a workshop at the Digital Harbor Foundation on building Atari Punk Consoles. 

    The original circuit was developed by Forrest M. Mims III, and published in a Radio Shack booklet: “Engineer’s Notebook: Integrated Circuit Applications” in 1980. It was originally called a “Stepped Tone Generator” but named after the Atari 2600 due to the similar sounds it makes.

    I created a small web page to go along with the workshop which can be found here. I am planning on updated that page before the next time I run this workshop to include easier to understand schematics and more clear instructions.

    The workshop started with building a flashing light circuit using a LED and a 555 timer. After understanding a circuit with one 555 timer students build the APC which uses two 555 timers.  






  9. Voyager, a time-line
A poster I made for my type 2 final. 

    Voyager, a time-line

    A poster I made for my type 2 final. 

  10. Prague transitions

    Here is a project I worked on last semester while in Prague.  

    The first iterations was set up in a black box theater with multiple projectors and and speakers. The audio piece was a soundscape done by my colleague Lucas Lacámara. In this version the video portion was being manipulated in real time by the audio piece 

    A few days later I set up the same piece in a photography show, moving the piece to a gallery was difficult.





    I ended up switching up the piece a bit and instead used my phone to control the video piece. As I walked around the gallery I could change up the colors and placement of the video. Even though this installation used the same base content it ended up being a very different piece.