1. Making Speaker Glasses with Lachlan!!!

  2. APC + Modular Synth

    Tonight I had the chance to hook up my baby synth to a big ol’ modular synth. This was the first time i’ve spent an extend amount of time on this synth so my patch work was a little haphazard… but I got sound! 

  3. 1am gamez, what am i doing

    1am gamez, what am i doing

  4. #beercansynth #analogsynth #Arizona #prototype

  5. Audio Out

  6. Oooooh yea

    Oooooh yea

  7. Play Windows 95!


    New game!!

    Use:  A and D to move left and right

    Let me know if it works this time

    OSX Version

    Windows Version

  8. #beersynth #prototype 

  9. My first unity game!!!!

    Play it!


    download Our Glorious Leader:

    note: ok so apparently the windows version doesn’t work right now.

    note note: use arrow keys

    note note note: game probably doesn’t work. But I like kim.app even if it doesn’t work.